An accomplished financial services executive with 40+ years of experience at highly respected, publicly traded institutions, Susan H. Mallory is the most recent addition to the Chairmen’s RoundTable brain trust. Anyone with an interest in financial and financing strategies, re-engineering businesses, domestic and global expansion, family enterprises and governance, succession planning, manufacturing, distribution, commercial banking, or real estate, would be well-advised to engage her in conversation.

It’s sure to be profitable on many levels!

Susan speaks of how her original plans for a diplomatic career got sidetracked by a summer job in banking. “It was instantly apparent that banking was where I belonged,” she laughs, recalling how she never looked back.

“From then until now, I get excited and passionate about helping people be successful,” Susan says. And her enthusiasm is instantly apparent to even the casual observer. “Over the years I’ve always found it incredibly rewarding to mentor women and men seeking to overcome professional challenges.”

“What can I say…I get energized about guiding owners of small and mid-sized businesses to leverage opportunities and the challenges they face. Because to me it’s about more than just focusing on the numbers. I take an intense interest in the people I’m working with, which probably explains why my clients often stay in very close touch. ”

Susan’s a woman of deeply held passions, having spent her entire life as an animal welfare advocate. “My mother founded one of the first animal rescue organizations in San Diego close to 50 years ago, and she instilled in me that love and compassion.”

Asked for one piece of advice to help an entrepreneur be more successful, Susan doesn’t hesitate: “Take appropriate risks.” She then adds a personal observation that has obviously helped countless recipients of her wisdom; “Ask yourself how you can be a more effective person and leader. Let’s explore ways that you can engage and influence employees to make them more productive and satisfied.”

Susan’s an amazingly bright woman who knows the importance of using small building blocks to create something larger. “If the questions I ask can challenge and get people to think a little differently, I consider that conversation to be a triumph.”

Susan H. Mallory. CRT Mentor. Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize her thinking to help build your success.

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