Client Spotlight

Red Door Interactive

Big Revenue / Low Profits

“Set your ego aside and open yourself up to the possibilities. Our problems and the corresponding solutions were right in front of us. We just needed an outside perspective to help us find them.” (Reid Carr, President, Red Door Interactive)

Allele Biotechnology

Negotiating a Big Deal

“The time I spent with my CRT mentor was very rewarding. Their advice was invaluable and covered everything from guidance on fundamental management issues to the detailed terms of a complex technology transfer deal. I was truly touched by the spirit of this mentorship. When I have sufficient experience behind me, I would like to pay back this gift by serving as a mentor as well.” (Lin Wang, Co-CEO, Allele Biotechnology)

Ranch & Coast Magazine

Strategic Crossroads

“Working with the CRT gave us the focus we needed for continued success. Their insights stopped us from making some very costly mistakes and opened our eyes to the real opportunities. I’m not sure we’d be where we are today without their guidance at such a critical juncture in our company’s development.” (Collette Murphy, Principal, Ranch & Coast Magazine)


Strategic Crossroads

Choosing the Best of Several Promising Paths for Growth
“I found my experience with CRT to be invaluable. I don't know why any executive would pass up the opportunity.” (Jim Fallon, President, Intellitouch)