How long and how much time does the advisory process take?

It usually lasts three to nine months, typically meetings occur every four to six weeks with the CEO and other members of the management team as needed.

What’s the catch with this “free” service?

There’s no catch. There are no costs associated with our services. We don’t have a hidden agenda. Our interests are simply to help the community by helping companies at a strategic crossroads. CRT mentors agree to strict guidelines regarding our code of engagement with clients.

What’s in it for the mentors?

Mentors apply to be part of the CRT experience to have the opportunity to give back to the business community. They enjoy sharing their experience and business acumen to help local companies.

How can I apply to become a client?


What is CRT?

Chairmen’s RoundTable (CRT) is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of successful c-suite executives (both active and retired), with diverse industry backgrounds who provide San Diego County businesses no-cost advice on how to manage and grow businesses.

What Does CRT do?

Through a proven advisory process we help companies address strategic issues in their businesses by offering ideas, sharing experiences, suggesting actions and alternatives, and providing a summary report with recommendations to use as a “road map.”

What kind of expertise does CRT have?

We have over 40 carefully screened volunteers with over 1,200 collective years of industry knowledge. We have helped clients across a broad range of industries including biotech, software, Internet, electronics, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.

Can anyone become a mentor?

No, CRT has strict selection criteria and the selection process includes personal interviews with members of the Board of Directors and other members. Only the most qualified senior executives with significant c-suite success qualify to become mentors.

What kind of clients does CRT have?

Our clients are diverse, representing many different industries and stages of development. Some common characteristics of our clients include being a private company based in San Diego County, not having an active board of directors or advisors, and having revenues of $2M to $50M. In addition, companies must be currently facing strategic or significant operational issues for which CRT mentoring is appropriate.


How is CRT supported financially?

Leading San Diego service provider firms sponsor CRT and help identify potential clients. Currently, sponsors pay a $2,500 annual fee to be affiliated with CRT.

How can I apply to become a sponsor?