Steve Mendell

Specializing in Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Business Strategy

Typically referred to as one of the most personable executives you’ll ever meet, Steve is a past Chair of CRT and has been providing free corporate growth advice since 2005 to help our clients fulfill their true potential. He brings a wealth of knowledge to every conversation with a background that includes:

* Former President/CEO of LMA North America

* Chair/CEO Prizm Pharmaceuticals/Selective Genetics

* Chair/CEO XOMA Corporation

* President, BBL Microbiology Systems

In addition to having been Chair of the UC Santa Barbara Board of Trustees and a member of NASDAQ’s Corporate Board, Steve has solid knowledge of all things related to marketing and finance, with a particular focus on early to mid-stage companies. He was previously named Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year and was awarded Chief Executive’s Gold Award for Biotechnology.

Steve has lived and worked in Europe and Latin America and speaks three languages.

Working with Chairmen’s RoundTable for the past 13 years has allowed Steve to deliver rare insights into the strategic growth challenges faced by the small and mid-sized companies he works with. Delivering free mentoring services from an impressive roster of 40+ current and former CEOs, 15 sponsor firms, and the region’s premier educational and professional organizations, CRT’s collective expertise has helped hundreds of San Diego businesses meet and exceed their professional objectives.

You can get more information about CRT, including whether your business qualifies to become a client, at Feel free to say hello to Steve when you’re attending one of our free meetings.