Meet Mark Waxman, a man who is always interested in learning something new, and always willing to share his wisdom, knowledge base, and Rolodex with those coming behind him. And now that he’s retired from actively practicing law, his seat at the CRT table just seems like a natural fit.

Mark spent the past few decades amassing a wealth of experience in real estate, investing, health care, technology, employment, antitrust, and government regulations. He’s operated comfortably at the local, state, and national levels. Throw in a few years of handling both civil and criminal law for the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, and you’ve got free, high-quality business advice coming from one of the finest combinations of legal and business career…just for the asking.

“I like the idea of a room full of immensely talented people, all willing to check their egos at the door in the interests of paying it forward and helping the little guys grow,” Mark says. As a guy who successfully oversaw turnarounds involving numerous overblown egos, he obviously knows what he’s talking about.

Helping the little guys has also been a theme throughout Mark’s career, with a track record that began when he was a start-up mentor for a venture incubator housed at MIT. “I thoroughly enjoy working with people to help their companies grow or get turned around from negative situations,” he notes. He layers this enthusiasm atop his legal practice working with non-profits and trade associations, and the trade association he started himself with a focus on healthcare, bringing to CRT a one-stop shop of immediately applicable legal brilliance.

Whether you’re considering his background in private practice or his successes turning around failing healthcare systems, Mark’s years as a general counsel or his ability to persuade investment bankers to see things his way, this UCSD graduate is one man you want to make time to speak with. He’s guaranteed to provide perspective, and knows how to run businesses, rather than just being on a board or writing a check.

“I know how to deal with board management issues,” Mark says, “And I’m anxious to bring my experience to CRT’s clients. Because, as we used to say in my non-profit days, ‘No margin, no mission’”.