J. Jeffrey Campbell
Corporate Leader, Mentor, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Connector

As Chairman Emeritus at CRT, Jeff has been mentoring emerging leaders since his earliest days in the corporate world and oversees a leadership-driven master’s program at San Diego State University. At his company, JJC Coaching, he carefully selects mentees who have a high drive to succeed, sharing his insight on every aspect of being a leader and bringing them into his professional network.

JJC Coaching is not the typical superior-to-grasshopper mentorship program. Jeff believes mentorship is a two-way street leading both the mentor and mentee to new perspectives. His coaching is best described as symbiotic, and he is known throughout San Diego and beyond as a connector of people, ideas and opportunities.

Working with Chairmen’s RoundTable has allowed Jeff to provide a unique mentoring program to small and mid-sized companies facing strategic growth challenges. Delivering free mentoring services from an impressive roster of 40+ current and former CEOs, 15 sponsor firms, and the region’s premier educational and professional organizations, CRT’s collective expertise has helped hundreds of San Diego businesses meet and exceed their professional objectives.

You can get more information about CRT, including whether your business qualifies to become a client, at www.chairmensroundtable.com. Learn more about Jeff and his services at www.jjccoaching.com.