Persistence matters.

It’s a lesson that was driven home in the 1970s to CRT mentor Hus Tigli. He arrived from his native Turkey, landing in New York City for his engineering studies at Columbia University…and within 24 hours of arriving he was mugged.

Yet, rather than giving up, Hus spent the next decade earning two engineering degrees at Columbia and a Harvard MBA.

With this extensive education under his belt, Hus set to building what would become an enviable technical management career, pioneering electrical, telecom, and industrial components that would improve thousands of lives around the world.

His professional life has melded together the worlds of materials science, photonics, semiconductors, data networking, IT, IP, and logistics for both the private and government sectors. At every turn he has brought success to those with whom he worked, and we’re THRILLED to have him as a mentor at Chairmen’s RoundTable.

Hus originally came to us as he was contemplating a watershed moment in his business life. “I had spent 18 years running public businesses up to $900 million and my first venture got caught up in the dot com bust. I was planning a venture capital model that would allow me to be in an advisory role when I learned about CRT…a group I was persuaded to join while I explored other options.”

“I’ve never looked back.”

The experience Hus found in the room amongst his fellow mentors proved valuable, guiding him towards three early-stage start-ups that benefitted greatly from his experience. And he paid it forward, becoming the Chairman of CRT and an ever-present beacon of wisdom and knowledge for the countless tech companies in San Diego County.

He observes; “When you are extremely busy, you learn how to manage your time more and more wisely.”

21 years later and still going strong, Hus Tigli thoroughly enjoys sharing his experience with other entrepreneurs. “I’ve faced the problems many times that they are experiencing for the first time. I love helping them make sense of the puzzle, regardless of what industry we’re working in. Most businesses are very similar in the kinds of issues they’re addressing, and I see my job as helping the CEO to reach that ‘AHA!’ moment.”

“Persistence pays off. The way I see it, my grey hair…and the experience it represents…are the best gifts I can give to the community.”

You can also have Hus working with you to improve your business…all you need to do is ask.

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