As the former Chief Technology Officer of pdvWireless (PDVW/ATEX), Frank Creede brings a tremendous amount of practical knowledge to a wide range of CRT clients. “So many businesses struggle on a day-to-day basis, and I recognize that what I know could help them lift themselves out of the business for a moment to work on the future of their business,” he says.

After spending 35+ years in the computer and telecommunications industries with three exits (including one IPO), and as an angel investor in over a dozen high-tech companies in Southern California, Frank quickly recognized the value Chairmen’s RoundTable could bring to smaller businesses and non-profits throughout the San Diego region.

“There are companies where we can really make a difference,” he observes, adding “CRT’s mentors arrive at your door with:

A willingness to act as your board of directors
An ability to provide advice regarding financing, sales, operations, personnel, real estate…the works
A promise to never charge a dime for what we do
“That’s pretty darned unique and is completely opposite to how most of the world works. We’re willing to give you access to multinational corporate talent to help you grow your business, and all we ask is that you are coachable and open to hearing what we have to say.”


While Frank was previously on the board of Big Brothers for 8 years as well as a former board member at Tech Coast Angels, he’s particularly appreciative of the fact that CRT’s dozens of mentors are all committed to making San Diego better, one company at a time and with no expectation of personal gain.

“I have time to re-invest in the community,” he says “and working with the amazing CRT team gives ME a chance to learn, too.” Frank marvels over the collected wisdom around the Chairmen’s RoundTable and the quality and seasoning of the mentors with whom he’s worked since 2006.

“Each of us willingly volunteers to help a couple of companies each year, taking anywhere from 6 to 18 months to guide the management team from their I WISH list to more of an ‘I wish I’d done this YEARS ago’ realization. We coach them; provide insights, accolades, and tough love; and extensively document our efforts for later reference and incorporation into their business planning.”

“The key to success,” Frank observes “is having a plan for the future, then implementing it. I know it sounds easy, but it’s shocking how many businesses and people don’t know where they’re trying to go beyond a few months down the road.”

“The CRT Leadership Team helps people and businesses clarify their thinking, then turn those ideas into reality. We’re not there for personal gain, but strictly to do the right thing and give something back to a world that’s been pretty good to us. Our reward is the seeming success of our clients.”

About Chairmen’s RoundTable

Delivering free mentoring services from an impressive roster of 40+ current and former CEOs, 15 sponsor firms, and the region’s premier educational and professional organizations, CRT’s collective expertise has helped hundreds of San Diego businesses meet and exceed their professional objectives.

You can get more information about CRT, including whether your business qualifies to become a client, at Please stop by and introduce yourself to Frank when you’re attending one of our free meetings, or reach out to him at