Chairmen’s RoundTable puts you in the same room as dozens of the smartest, best-connected people in San Diego County.

These are business leaders who’ve run companies like Burger King, SAIC, and Red Door Interactive. They’re entrepreneurs, financiers, and long-time professionals in a diverse range of industries, from insurance to construction, engineering to marketing.

And they’re the kinds of business mentors you’d never have a chance to meet and get to know…under most circumstances. But today we learned one of our sponsors had passed away, and his seat is available. Which means if you:

• Advise companies with $5 million+ in annual revenues
• Are a trusted advisor
• Are a strategic thinker

You may be able to take advantage of this unique opening in the marketplace. You’ll be exposed not only to amazing networking, but the advantages that come from introducing your clients as meeting guests to the movers and shakers of San Diego’s business community.

And there’s the whole “I can expand my own business” angle, of course.

THIS SEAT WON’T LAST LONG! Get more information now at, or contact Kristi Cerasoli ( directly to get a jump on the competition.