One of the smartest people who ever lived, Albert Einstein neatly summed up entrepreneurship with this statement. Few would argue with him.

Since 1997, the brain trust at Chairmen’s RoundTable has been helping business owners overcome the difficulties to find the opportunities. Each of our mentors, supporters, and sponsors has contributed to the success of companies who saw the advantage of pressing highly accomplished executives into service, leaning on the talent in our room to navigate present and future business challenges.

And yes…the service was, and remains, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Come learn from former CEOs and business unit leaders of companies such as Harley-Davidson, Burger King, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, Seagram, Freedom Communications and SeaWorld. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to personnel, operations, sales, finance, marketing, or some other key factor…and whatever type of business you run…there are experts in the room who understand where you’re at, see where you’re trying to go, and know how to walk you from here to there.

You can get more information about CRT, including whether your business qualifies to become a client, at Or call Kristi Cerasoli at (619) 823-8658 to attend a meeting. They’re free too, and we’ll even throw in breakfast as part of the deal.

We see it as paying it forward; you’ll see it as the smartest call you ever made. Make it today.