It’s a question we’re asked all the time; How do I make Chairmen’s RoundTable work best for my particular circumstances? This 60-second read provides six lessons that are guaranteed to help make the most of your business, your career, and your life in general.

With special thanks to John Stein, CEO of Kirei in Solana Beach. John has gone through the CRT program TWICE, and knows the value of the people, the advice, and the CRT experience better than almost anyone.

  1. Be open, be vulnerable
  2. Be prepared – they invest time in you, take advantage of their time
  3. Absorb – there’s a ton of amazing examples in the room and in your mentors’ experience – watch and listen humbly
  4. Bring questions
  5. Dump and sort – throw out all your ideas, concerns, fears – you never know which is the really important one. Your mentors will help you find the nuggets
  6. Be honest – with yourself, and with your mentors – that way you’ll get to the root of the issue