Each year CRT helps dozens of San Diego businesses to grow by providing free advice and resources they never had access to before. Here’s the story of one client who took advantage of all CRT had to offer:

CRT CLIENT: Second Chance Beer Co.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: www.secondchancebeer.com

WHAT THEY DO: Award-winning craft beer manufacturer with tasting rooms in San Diego and distribution throughout Southern California and Arizona.

OBJECTIVES: I wanted help expanding our distribution or selling more of our beer and surviving the pandemic.

CHALLENGES: At the time I started with CRT, I believed separation of our business partner was imminent and a deal was all but done. That proved to not be the case, and CRT was instrumental in helping us navigate the negotiations and ultimately exit the business partner on favorable terms.

CRT RECOMMENDATIONS: Goodness, I don’t even know where to start. First, ask for help. It’s there, and there are people willing, like CRT. Second, always be aware of the company’s finances and use inside expertise and outside CFO to manage the finances and work with me on strategic planning. Finally, take time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Otherwise, what are we doing it for?

RESULTS: Awesome. Thanks to guidance from Dan and John, I’m forming an Advisory Board to provide ongoing support.

CEO VIRGINIA MORRISON SAYS: It is only lonely at the top if you do not ask for help or know where to look. CRT is where you look. My coaches had different, but very complementary expertise and experience, and they were able to help me see I was asking the wrong question in wanting to expand beyond our existing markets. Throughout the engagement, they were available for all questions and consult on any matter. They were champions for me, as our CEO, but also engaged with and helped my business partner, husband, and our BrewMaster with challenges one-on-one. I cannot thank this organization enough and hope one day to join and pay it forward.

Want to know more about Second Chance Beer? Catch this video, or www.secondchancebeer.com.