Each year CRT helps dozens of San Diego businesses to grow by providing free advice and resources they never had access to before. Here’s the story of one client who took advantage of all CRT had to offer:

CRT CLIENT: Front Desk Supply

WHERE TO FIND THEM: www.frontdesksupply.com

WHAT THEY DO: Front Desk Supply is a leading supplier to the hospitality industry, with a primary focus on independent and boutique hotels. They provide complimentary graphics assistance, competitive pricing, and short lead times, and see themselves at a one-stop shop for paper items, plastic products, and marketing materials needed to make any hotel run smoothly. Over 80% of their deliverables are customized to help enhance the hotel client’s brand.

Some of their products and services include:

  • Coasters
  • Hotel key cards (RFID/magnetic)
  • Key holders (key folders/key sleeves)
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Signage (Do Not Disturb, etc.)
  • Valet/concierge tags

OBJECTIVES: We hoped to get strategies for scaling our business, since we had been growing the past few years without adding infrastructure. We needed help on automation, learning to delegate, and locating quality warehousing. We gained so much more.

CHALLENGES: Finding time to complete the “homework” assigned after each meeting with our mentors. For us, a big issue was the CRT team forced us to start from square one in defining our company and what we were looking for. Tackling this in us acquiring quite a few insights, and have been invaluable going forward.

CRT RECOMMENDATIONS: Forcing us to basically start from scratch allowed us to look at the business from a 10,000 feet level. Your guidance has shown me how to better delegate and get the right people into the right positions.

RESULTS: WE’RE DOING GREAT! We’ve “survived” the challenges brought on by COVID (no easy task) and are thriving despite hospitality being one of the hardest hit industries. We have two new hires that we hope to make soon that help to better implement the lessons I’ve learned from CRT.

Obviously, this is all contingent on the industry’s continued rebound.

CEO MARK ZISEK SAYS: The Chairmen’s Roundtable was, and continues to be, THE resource I need to jump-start our business and take it to the next level of growth. My mentors were fantastic and communicative; especially when it came to delivering hard messages that I had been avoiding…but needed to hear. They gave me numerous connections that helped the business, and I have reached out to my mentors several times since for a reality check. These professionals are as responsive now to an alumnus as they were we were actively working together.

I can not compliment this organization enough!