Each year Chairmen’s RoundTable helps dozens of San Diego company CEOs tune their business by providing free advice and resources they never had access to before. Here’s the story of one client who took advantage of all CRT had to offer:

CRT CLIENT: Community Resource Center

WHERE TO FIND THEM: crcncc.org, 650 2nd Street, Encinitas 92024

WHAT THEY DO: Human/Social Services organization [501(c)(3)] addressing food and housing insecurity, as well as domestic violence prevention and intervention.

OBJECTIVES: We engaged with Chairmen’s RoundTable with an initial problem statement regarding the staff organizational structure and obstacles that constantly needed to be worked through.

ADDITIONAL AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: The consultation revealed the need for organizational key performance indicators (KPI’s) that focused and measured our performance. This created clarity around processes within the organization that needed improvement, rather than adjusting structure to work around/accommodate broken processes.

OUTCOMES: In addition to creating organizational KPI’s, I had a master class with my consultants (Robert Pryor and Alan Lerchbacker) on organizational leadership and continuous process improvement (identifying key obstacles, doing critical review, creating solutions and implementing process change).

RESULTS: We continue to implement process improvement around the organizational KPI’s we developed. It has been, and will continue to be, transformational for the organization.

CEO John Van Cleef says: “Working with CRT helped me elevate my perspective and focus my attention on what my organization needed – thereby improving our stakeholder engagement and social services to people.