Each year Chairmen’s RoundTable helps dozens of San Diego company CEOs tune their business by providing free advice and resources they never had access to before. Here’s the story of one client who took advantage of all CRT had to offer:

CRT CLIENT: Gyminny Kids

Gyminny Kids 4S Ranch
17022 Camino San Bernardo
San Diego, CA 92127

Gyminny Kids Poway
12850 Brookprinter Pl
Poway, CA 92064

WHAT THEY DO: We are a Gymnastics School offering fun and fitness for all ages while teaching character through sport. We currently serve over 3500 students per week.

OBJECTIVES: I came to CRT to find high-caliber business mentors. I hope to learn from folks who have accomplished what I aim to and sidestep mistakes that I may otherwise make without their guidance.

ADDITIONAL AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: One of the consistent messages I receive from CRT mentors is that I can’t steer the ship if I’m serving the drinks. Learning how to delegate so I can scale.

OUTCOMES: These are some of the principles that I have gleaned.

  • Hire folks who specialize in each respective field so I can do what I’m best at.
  • I can’t work on the business if I’m working in the business.
  • Peer review is a powerful tool.
  • I need to know my numbers.
  • Slow plus slow equals fast.

RESULTS: I finished my second business acquisition in the last six months and plan for a third location in the Fall. Revenue is at an all-time high, with several hundred students on our waitlist. We went from 55 employees to 105 since April 2022

CEO Daniel Gundert says: CRT is the best-kept secret in business. There’s no other place you can find the best in each respective industry in one place, all willing to give feedback and guidance for free. I am forever grateful to CRT for taking the time to develop and support my large goals. With their help, I have no doubt I will reach and surpass my goal of making Gyminny Kids a household name in every major city across the country.