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All Access Rentals
CRT took the time to learn our business and help us move forward at All Access Rentals to become a better company. They listened to our issues, found ways to solve them, and helped us become more profitable while continuing to grow and support our customers. The team CRT assigned us at All Access Rentals was highly trained leaders that showed us the direction to take our company and gave us a detailed plan on how to achieve our goals. I would highly recommend, actually I believe it should be mandatory if you have a good company and want to make it extraordinary then CRT is the place to start. At All Access Rentals we will be indebted to CRT forever.

CRT has some of the smartest leaders in San Diego.  It should cost a small fortune to get an hour of serious scrutiny and advice around your business from this group.  Lucky for us Entrepreneurs they are willing to help for free. CRT is a no brainer.

Being in business for many years, I have read many business books, listened to many motivational speakers and gone to lots of business seminars. Often times, I was energized and motivated and ready to go after these exercised.  Unfortunately, it always seems that the half life of the benefits is very short.  Old habits come back very quickly.

The CRT process is an entirely different thing. I have never done a more comprehensive analysis and evaluation of my business as we did in this process. I have a much better understanding of what makes my business tick and what makes me tick. Two years out, I feel that I am still getting a lot from the process and rather that decreasing in value, it actually increase over time as plans come to fruition and results are there. 

I wanted to express my gratitude for all that CRT has done for Aquaneering. You have opened our thinking about how to run the company better in many ways, and have exposed us to some important resources, which have in turn exposed us to additional resources. Wee have a better understanding to scrutinize our financials, we have a new CPA who is very in tune with manufacturing, and have comprised an advisory board to help us with growing the company.

The time and energy that you have invested to assist us with improvements will not be forgotten and we truly appreciate the expertise and experience that you have shared.

Wendy Porter-Francis
Vice President