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Become a Mentor

CRT mentors donate their time and talent to provide strategic advice to San Diego CEOs. Our mentors meet defined experience criteria as Presidents, CEOs and Board of Directors members of corporations or privately owned companies in a wide range of industries, locally, nationally, and globally. Thus, their backgrounds are a good match with the companies applying to be advised. They sign an agreement to offer their pro bono services following highly ethical guidelines and commit to attending the CRT monthly meetings. 


Please read CRT Mentors profiles and Mentor qualifications.  If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the on-line application


Mentor Qualifications Criteria:

  • Currently serves or has served as CEO or President of a Qualified Corporation or has founded and successfully transitioned a closely-held private business; or
  • Has served as CEO, President or General Manager (with full P&L responsibility) of a significant division, subsidiary or strategic business unit of a publicly held corporation; or
  • Has served a cumulative total of five (5) years on Boards of Directors which meet the standards of a Qualified Corporation or a substantial non- profit corporation; and
  • Has distinguished himself or herself both in career and community service activities, enjoying an outstanding reputation for integrity; and
  • Has demonstrated expertise in matters of corporate governance; and
  • Has consented to accept the responsibilities of mentorship in CRT, and
  • Has been recommended or endorsed for mentorship by an active CRT member, who met with him/her personally.


A Qualified Corporation is one in which:

  • Applicant is a director or officer has demonstrated success; and
  • Applicant has achieved a size appropriate to its industry segment as measured by annual revenue and/or employees and/or capital employed; provided, however, that the threshold of each will be: $10M revenue, 25+ employees, and at least $2M in invested capital or owners’ equity or debt financing.


Note: The CRT Board of Directors may consider candidates who have unique and extensive operating experience in lieu of some board experience as determined in the best interest of the CRT mission.


Responsibilities of a Mentor:

  • Execute the CRT Member Agreement before accepting the first mentoring assignment
  • Attend 50% of all member meetings each year from the date membership commences; and
  • Accept at least one mentoring assignment with a CRT client company each membership year or as otherwise required to meet the needs of CRT’s client obligations. (If less than two assignments are offered in one year, and none are declined, the performance requirement will be deemed met.)
Mentor Application