Pro-bono Mentoring for Business

Chairmen’s Roundtable is a group of highly accomplished executives who devote their time to helping select San Diego companies navigate their business challenges on a pro-bono basis. Faced with strategic ’make-or-break’ decisions, CEOs of more than 400 companies have turned to CRT for guidance, learning from former CEOs and business unit leaders of companies such as Harley-Davidson, Burger King, SAIC, Northrup Gruman, Seagram, Freedom Communications and SeaWorld .

How We Work

Working in small teams, CRT mentors engage with the CEOs and/or business owners of client companies to identify and define issues over a series of meetings which may be over a period of weeks or months, and then work to help the owners/executives create and implement solutions. In addition to using their own insights and skills, mentors may recommend and assist in the retention of tactical specialists. Client companies also have the opportunity to present to the entire CRT mentoring group, from which they can get the perspective of more than three dozen mentors with a wide range of industry and functional experience.

Why We Are

Since our founding in 1997, our mission has been to strengthen San Diego’s businesses, one company at a time. We provide our proven mentoring process to qualified businesses as a community service. Mentors are forbidden from accepting any compensation or position with a clients company for a minimum of two years after the CRT engagement ends. Our mission is solely and purely to enhance the strength of San Diego’s business community by providing intimate mentoring, one company at a time.

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